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Content Translation integrates several translation services. Machine translation (MT) helps to speed up the translation process as reported by users, but availability and quality may vary across languages. Users of languages without MT support ask for their languages to be supported, and even created gadgets (based on Google and Yandex translation services ) for integrating additional translation services with the tool.

In order to support more languages than those provided by the current services, we may want to integrate additional translation services.

Extending the support for Machine translation in Content Translation is often requested. I compiled some of those requests from the Content Translation discussion page to provide a better overview:

  • Russian
    • "Hello, I need English to Russian machine pretranslation, yet it is absent." (view)
    • "Why doesn't it work for english-russian translation?" (view)
    • "can this extension use other engines? Сan we now take it and turn it on but adding localy translator yandex and/or google?" (view)
    • "there is no machine translator for russian" (view)
  • German.
    • "Another, already mentioned, issue is the inability to use the automatic machine translation feature for English to German." (view)
    • "No machine translation available. This is not a big deal for a short article, but for a longer article I would find machine translation very useful as a starting point." (view)
    • "But I would like to have an automatic translation to work on. " (from Dutch) (view)
    • "I'm translating articles from Spanish to German, but the automatic translation doesn't work, so it takes a lot longer for me." ( view )
    • "What is the procedure to activate machine translation for German as a target, where the services (Google, Yandex) are already there?" (view)
  • English.
    • "fr -> en" (view)
    • "Doesn't work at all. "Not available" for German to English" (view)
    • "Currently there is a German page but I also want to create an English one. How can I do that? I have tried it several times but it always does not work." (view)
    • "Why is the Chinese not translating into English, what do I need to do to make this functional?" (view)
  • French.
    • "traduction automatique en francais" (view)
    • "la version bêta du traducteur prend elle en charge la traduction de english vers français ?" (view)
    • "I've just tried to translate a few pages from English and various languages into French but it says that automatic translation is not available for French." (view)
  • Hindi.
    • "the original english text is only getting pasted over there with an error in right window that Machine Translation is not available in Hindi (यांत्रिक अनुवाद हिंदी में उपलब्ध नहीं है.). So, just wanted to know When translation is not available then why the tool is available in my preferences?" (view)
    • "good news is that it is working fine on hiwiki but its machine translation is not working (you may check)" (view)
  • Ukranian.
    • "For some reason, translation from Spanish to Ukrainian does not work. Please enable the feature." (view)
    • "Russian to Ukranian" (view)
  • Turkish.
    • "English-Turkish translation is also useless." (view)
    • "This beta feature experience said. But it failed to translate any article." (view)
  • Italian.
    • "English -> Italian translation don't work" (view)
    • another request
    • "...when I click to add a paragraph, it doesn't translate from English to Italian." (view)
  • Polish
    • ":(" (view)
    • Detailed observations from Halibutt (view)
  • Dutch
    • "Pity the automatic translation English to Dutch isn't available (yet)." (view)
    • "Enable machine translation for English<->Dutch language pair" T129190
  • Spanish
    • "I translated some things from English to Spanish [...] The machine translation is terribly bad (bad verb conjugations, traslation too literal, and more)." (view)
    • "when i translated it into Spanish [...] can you please integrate Google Translate within the translate tool, It would help a lot!" (view)
  • Albanian.
    • "can you please add machine translation for Albanian (sq.wikipedia)? I have checked the translation quality [ EN > SQ, in Yandex Translation], and I believe it would be of substantial help if it is enabled." (view)
  • Finnish.
    • "no machine translation being available, there is no interest in loading the English into the translation field" (view)
  • Vietnamese.
    • "when I switched to Vietnamese language, I cannot see translated text. There is only English one." (view)
  • Japanese.
    • "It seems automatic Japanese translation is not supported at this time." (view)
  • Korean
    • "Please add machine translation pairs Japanese/Korean and Korean/Japanese. These two share very similar grammar and accuracy of MT is very good." (view)
  • Serbian.
    • "Why don't add serbian language, use Google Translate, why using some other-side Apertium?" (view)
  • Slovak
    • "I wanted to try this new tool on some small translation from Czech [...], simply it doesn't want to translate it" (personal message from skwiki contributor)
  • Arabic.
    • "Auto translation not working for Arabic Language" (view)
  • Konkani
    • "I translated an article from English to GOM (Konkani) and it doesn't seem to get uploaded." (view)
  • Welsh.
    • "Without Machine Translation, this tool is an electric drill with no power. When will it be turned on, please?" (view)
  • Nepali.
    • "Thanks for enabling content translation in Nepali , is there a way machine translation could be enabled too ?" (view)
  • Belarusian.
    • "Thanks, it works now. But now it tells that machine translation is not available. What is needed to turn it on?" (view)
  • Amharic.
    • "The tool has a great UI and works as expected. Although machine translation into Amharic is not currently possible" (view)
  • Armenian.
    • "Could you please add one of machine translation services which is also available for Armenian (Yandex or Google translate)?" (view)
  • Czech.
    • "I have found there is no machine translation to or from Czech language supported yet" (view)
  • Danish.
    • "English to Danish" (view)
  • Portuguese
    • "translate from english to other languages too, especially portuguese" (view)
  • Bashkir
  • Indonesian
    • "Google Translate has reached the stage where it sometimes could fool a human reader that it is a proper translation." (view)
  • Persian
    • "Our community is interested on having Yandex translation enabled for Content Translation" (T125118)
  • Punjabi
    • "Please Punjabi Language (Gurmukhi) auto-translation for use on Machine translation works fine through Google Translate." (view)
  • Chinese
    • "We find the content translation tool very useful and conducive to the growth of Wikipedia. We would like to know when the tool can support Chinese. " (view)
  • Yoruba
    • "I tried to translate an article to Yoruba (yo:wiki) but its not working. The result of the translation is still English." (view)
  • Simple English
    • "Just to be consistent, the automatic machine translation provided by Yandex for English to another supported language should also be enabled when translating from Simple English" (view)
  • General
    • "Machine translation is really difficult. Why not using Google Translate?" (view)
    • "Can you please Implement google translate as one of the options for the translate tool. It'll help a lot, ^_^ thanks." (view)
    • "I think the new version should have besides having Apertium and Yandex should have Google Traslate" (view)
    • "I thin k the Wikipedia translation tool bhasha is not good as google translate. so why not wikipedia using google tool ???" (view)
    • "Why don you do google translate for the translating tool because its the best tool online?" (view)
    • "BTW, it would be great if the awesome DeepL (DeepL) could also be used for machine translation." (view)
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It seems that Yandex translate supports a set of new languages we may want to consider making MT available for:

  • (ceb) Cebuano
  • (eo) Esperanto
  • (jv) Javanese
  • (ml) Malayalam
  • (mi) Maori
  • (mr) Marathi
  • (ne) Nepali
  • (gd) Scottish Gaelic
  • (su) Sundanese
  • (te) Telugu
  • (yi) Yiddish
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Two more have been added:

Hill Mari (mrj)
Mari (mhr)

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