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Specialist support for Content Translation enabling machine translation in German Wikipedia
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Mostly copy/pasting/adapting from T214713, which I am splitting here:

We have been enabling machine translation gradually on Content translation, and we plan to do so for German next since it has been often requested (T86700).
We want to inform this community about our plans, present the data we have about the impact of machine translation in Content translation, and share the improvements and control mechanisms that the new version of the tool brings.

Help needed form Community Specialists

  • Communication plan review. Provide feedback about what, where and when to communicate.
  • Finding volunteers to help. We need to translate the communications to German, and may need clarifications on the feedback received (when machine translation leaves some ambiguity). We need to find volunteers in the community that are willing to help us with that.

Time frame
We were aiming to start this process during April-June 2019. Now postponed - T227013 to be prioritized.