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Mobile-Sections returns missing images
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Not sure if this is a problem with the wiki or MCS itself...

When using this query:

The response HTML includes a reference to this image: //

This leads to a 404, and causes MWOffliner to have missing images in scrapes:

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Isnit001 created this task.Mar 4 2019, 9:51 AM
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Hmm, so the file was renamed recently on 2018-02-10,

Asking for a purge (?action=purge) rerendered the page correctly,

It looks like, because Parsoid links directly to thumbnailed images, we need changeprop to tell us to rerender all the pages linking to the file. Hopefully renames are rare.

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There is nothing to do here on MCS or Parsoid end. @Pchelolo @mobrovac please reopean and reassign to changeprop OR create a new phab task for changeprop related to renames and rerendering.

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