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Default access keys for custom namespaces
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All the standard namespaces have a default access key ('C' 'T' in most cases) defined by the message MediaWiki:Accesskey-ca-nstab-<canonical ns name>. But custom namespaces only have accesskey 'T' for their talkspaces. I think 'C' should be default accesskey also for custom namespaces. ('C' could also be used for Project namespace, which currently has accesskey 'A' unlike all other default namespaces.)

Version: 1.17.x
Severity: normal

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I'm kind of lost... what exactly is it that needs an access key? The subject page tab? This should be constant with no variation across namespaces.

Or something else?

Yes, I am talking about access keys for the page tabs. Normally 'C' is for the subject page tab , and 'T' for the talk page tab. But in custom namespaces (for example [[Wikisource:Author:A. A. Milne]]) only the talk page tab has an access key. Alt-Shift-T (or some similar combination, depending on browser) takes you to the talk page, but Alt-Shift-C does nothing. This can be fixed by editing [[Wikisource:MediaWiki:Accesskey-ca-nstab-author]]. I want Alt-Shift-C to work for pages in custom namespaces too.

More exactly: I want it to work in all custom namespaces by default without having to edit MediaWiki messages.

And it would be great if the project namespace tab had the sames access key ('C') as all other namespaces. Currently MediaWiki:Accesskey-ca-nstab-project is 'A' by default.

Yeah, that's a little funky... The subpage page tab should have the accesskey consistently regardless of which namespace it happens to be. Nimish & Trevor can you take a peek in this and confirm we can have it working in both MonoBook and Vector? Thanks!

I would really like for the default accesskey for the project namespace to be changed to 'c', like Lejonel mentioned in the first comment. Some projects, including the English Wikipedia, have done this manually by changing [[MediaWiki:Accesskey-ca-nstab-project]] locally, but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be done by default. It makes little sense to single out that one namespace with a separate accesskey from all the other namespaces.

@brion You may the wrong person to ping about this, but do you know who could fix this or what project it should be assigned to? I just had the Grants namespace on Meta accesskey created, and requested the same thing for the Appendix namespace on Wiktionary. But there are probably hundreds of custom namespaces out there without a content tab accesskey at all, so a default one would be preferrable. :-)

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Tested and still current as of 1.28. Marking as easy since it should be easy to do for a newcomer (probably less than 10 lines of code and it shouldn't be very complicated to see where to assign the default accesskey value)

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Would this be good for Google-Code-in-2017 ? Can anyone mentor?

Switching the default access key is trivial, but the old one wouldn't work. Is this okay?

Switching the default access key is trivial, but the old one wouldn't work. Is this okay?

Are you talking about switching the default access key for project namespace, right? I think it should be okay, since it should be consistent across namespaces, and particular wikis can still customize it to their needs.

@Ciencia_Al_Poder yes, I'm thinking I could just change the default value of MediaWiki:Accesskey-ca-nstab-project...

Change 930625 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jon Harald Søby; author: Jon Harald Søby):

[mediawiki/core@master] Set default accesskey for subject namespace tabs

Change 930625 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/core@master] Set default accesskey+tooltip for subject namespace tabs

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Thank you for the review, @Tgr!

Adding User-notice since I think this might be interesting for Tech News. Suggested wording:

All namespace tabs now have the same browser [[w:en:Access key|access key]] by default. Previously, custom and extension-defined namespaces would have to have their access keys set manually on-wiki, but that is no longer necessary. []

Should remain open for User-notice, I suppose.

Thanks for the draft wording! For the link, it would be best if we could link to a translatable documentation page. Are either of these pages suitable (and updated) for linking from this entry?

Yeah, I think the Meta page looks ok. It's not marked for translation though, but I guess it could be.

Thanks, I've added the entry to Tech News, linking the meta-wiki page.
I'm uncertain about the accuracy of the details in the page, so I won't attempt to mark it for translation, hopefully someone else is more confident or know where to verify things, can do so.

P.s. Tasks don't need to be "open" for user-notice purposes. I/we just track things via the tag's workboard with a filter for "updated in last 8 days". :-)
But I'll leave it open in case anyone considers "documentation updates" as incomplete, for those 2 linked pages!

Thank you! I've updated those pages to reflect the changes, and I'm not aware of any other pages that should be updated.