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Create accounts for new stewards in closed wikis
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As a 2019 steward I have access to those closed wikis where I have an account since before the wiki was closed (for me e.g. wikimania2014wiki), but when I attempt to log into a wiki where I didn't have one I get "Auto-creation of a local account failed: Automatic account creation is not allowed." (for me it is e.g. wikimania2010wiki or gotwikibooks).

Sometimes there is a need to do something in closed wikis. Be it T218520 or my last edit here

Please ensure that all existing stewards[1] have accounts in all closed wikis.

Judging from wm2005 log something like this was previously done on 17 May 2013.


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Base created this task.Apr 29 2019, 10:20 PM
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I agree that there should be some established procedure for cases where it becomes apparent action needs to be taken on a closed wiki.

@Base are you able to provide some examples to demonstrate a need for this? I am sure if something were to come up we could e-mail a staffer to handle it as to my knowledge there has been no prior case requiring this action.

In any case, it would be beneficial to establish a process to deal with potential cases of this nature - it could easily be to e-mail T&S and have them flag the appropriate person to handle it.

revi added subscribers: Legoktm, revi.EditedMay 1 2019, 4:46 AM

I recall a request in 2018 that I had to defer to someone else because it was closed and I did not have local account there. Chatted with @Legoktm back then but if this is doable I think it should be done — in the future we might not have a steward with access to that closed wiki.

Sysadmins can create the accounts manually server-side as necessary. Off the top of my head I'm not sure how we can fix this in a general manner but my auth stack knowledge is a bit outdated.

I think the creation of a maintenance script that would create accounts on all wikis for all members of a global group would be the solution here. It would then be possible to call that script after each steward election.