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Evaluate Riot as recommended IRC client
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Currently we are using IRC for many functions (it's one of the backchannels for most major events, it's the one of the main places to get tech support, it's a somewhat active nontechnical support forum for various communities and the place to get urgent help from e.g. stewards, it's used for all kinds of real-time tech discussions like deploy coordination), but for all the well-known UX issues it makes it harder for new users to engage the community. We sometimes link to the Freenode web GUI as a way of making participation easier, but it's not great. is an upcoming alternative - it's really its own chat network, but it can be bridged to IRC and so a Matrix client can be used as an IRC client. Most notably, their standard web client, Riot, could be used. This task is about evaluating Riot as 1) an alternative web-linkable interface, 2) the "officially" suggested IRC client for people new to IRC.

See also: T186061: Evaluate Matrix / (as a standalone communication network)

Riot roadmap from early 2019, 2019 report / 2020 roadmap (not super relevant since most of these features won't work over IRC)

Major issues:

  • room search doesn't work (#8646). Blocker for recommending as a generic client, not an issue when using it via web links (e.g. for an event). Seems like this is a regression that will be fixed soon.
  • no guest access (#9264). Blocker for using via web links.

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Web links should probably use which makes it easy to use an alternative client.

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