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Improve LinguaLibreBot on Wikidata Lexeme
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  • Audio pronunciations have to be added on every forms
  • Most pronunciation-related values are stored as qualifiers of the pronunciation property (P7243) (see details)
  • P407 has to be used as qualifier of P443 (407 should NOT be used for Lexemes)

See and for more details.

EDIT: -> request to update the bot code to take into account the new pronunciation property.

EDIT2: -> request to add several pronunciations on one Wikidata item so that there are pronunciations with different accents

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Pamputt created this task.May 24 2019, 7:44 PM

P407 isn't needed on lexemes. Even, I asked them not to add it.

Restricted Application added a project: Wikidata. · View Herald TranscriptMay 25 2019, 8:19 PM

Indeed for the second point, it is indicated on P443 (Constrain section) that the lexeme has to be excluded (it makes sense). So Lingua Libre Bot should not add P407. That's said, it is not clear why the exclamation mark appears in Strom.

Currently, I don't think the constraint system allows to limit a constraint scope to items only.

The exception there doesn't go beyond the entity

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