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Words generator: words from Wikidata Lexemes
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In LinguaLibre RecordWizard, when we reach the screen for adding texts we want to record, the possibility to add Lexemes is covered by the "External Tools" section, where you need to add a query for the kind of lexemes you want to add. This is not obvious or easy for most of the users, much less for people from small language communities.

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A generator for adding automatically lexemes in the language I have chosen that lack an audio should be added there, making easy to record pronunciation of lexemes.

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I change the task a bit. This kind of tool in called a generator (see Help:Create a new generator on lingualibre).

Generator can have multiple parameters, language is an obvious one here. Random additional ideas: for forms with or without recording, a limit (like other generator), the lexical category, a choice between the main lemma and forms. More suggestions are welcome.

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