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Conduct link label usability testing
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Edit link usability testing

Testing goals

Our Prague Hackathon testing revealed experienced contributors preferred the current implementation [1] of link label editing to the revised version [2].

This feedback called into question our assumption that it makes sense to show the Edit card whenever a contributor taps a link. Reason: in instances when contributors are trying to edit a link's label text, the edit card would potentially [3] add an additional tap.

The primary goal of this test is to learn:

  • In the context of editing an existing link's label, how do new contributors find the edit cards? Are they helpful? Do they make sense?


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  • Write test script
  • Run test on
  • Summarize learnings in "Findings"
  • Write "Actions"; represent in T220385


  1. Current link implementation: Tap link > keyboard appears > edit label text..
  2. Revised implementation: Tap link > edit card appears > tap "edit" label text > edit label text...
  3. "Potentially": we plan to introduce a "double-tap" which would enable contributors to bypass the edit card and edit a link's label directly.

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