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Test migration process for session storage
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One part of the process is that we're trying to do a seamless migration from Redis to Kask using MultiwriteBagOStuff. We need to test that when the multiwrite configuration rolls out:

  • existing sessions stay logged in
  • logging out keeps you logged out
  • logging in logs you in
  • other parts of the QA script

Similarly, we need check at the boundary between the multiwrite configuation and the final configuration:

  • existing sessions stay logged in
  • logout and login still work
  • other QA script tasks work

I think this means that we'll need to have at least some folks logged in before the configuration changes...?

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EvanProdromou created this task.

Tagging Bill on this one, since he'll probably be most in control of the timing. Happy to help with the testing, though.

We have completed all stages of the migration for testwiki. Testwiki is now using only kask for session storage, and is not using redis at all. Everything looks good from my end.

eprodromou subscribed.

I think this is done, then.