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Q1 '19:(Need by: 2020-06-30) replace scs-a8-eqiad
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This task is to track the receiving, racking, and implementation of a new scs console to replace scs-a8-eqiad.

  • - receive in scs console via T228202
  • - add to netbox as 'future-scs-a8-eqiad' and put it as state planned.
  • - test all existing scs connections before you start work, best to know it all works before you change things.
  • - document any cable connections that do not use adapters, as they will need to be re-crimped per T228919#5913768
  • - backup/copy down the scs cable labels to port numbering and then wipe/clear/reset to factory the old scs console.
  • - unrack existing scs-a8-eqiad and rename it to its asset tag, change status to offline
  • - rack new scs console, update its netbox name to scs-a8-eqiad and use all the same network settings as the old scs console
  • - re-attach all connections, keeping in mind you will need to remove any cat5 inline adapters as the SCS console new versions just use standard network cables (no odd pin out.)
  • - test every single connection, repair any broken connections.
  • - update netbox with each connection, info, cable #, etc.

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I see you received in the scs on the procurement task T228202. Can you go ahead and do the first two steps on this, so it is in netbox and trackable? The remainder of the steps should be coordinated with @Cmjohnson.


add to netbox as 'future-scs-a8-eqiad'

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@Jclark-ctr: Please note this task was not ready to be resolved, it has many, many steps left.

Everyone should be using the checklist, and checking off items as it is done. Do not resolve tasks with unchecked boxes in the task description.

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Please note that this is being tracked as an old hw refresh. The hardware has actually been onsite for awhile, but the scope of this is fairly large.

Any serial cable runs that we custom crimped to work with the older opengear console will NOT work with the new opengear console. The special crimped end is on the opengear side, which is the side that typically has the least amount of slack. So any non standard 568[A|B] style patch cables will need to be replaced or recrimped. As the cables have been in place, they tend to get brittle and not easily recrimped over time, so its often just best to replace.

Just giving some background on why this has likely been shuffled to the back burner on eqiad onsite tasks. This now has a due date of 2020-06-30.

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This is still open and I am aware of it, the new console switch is here, it's a time-consuming process because each console cable needs to be snipped and re-done to match a standard pinout.

I am assigning this to @Jclark-ctr. John, the new scs is in the flexspace, all of the cable ends may need to be snipped and re-done with a standard tia568a. This may not be necessary for all of row A and B, some of these have dongles that are on the system side of the connection. I recommend swapping the scs, plugging in and removing the dongles first.

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After talking to John, the ETA to start on this is in a couple weeks - mid September

the new SCS is racked in A8 u47

Thank you. Could this be prioritized? The old device still alerts regularly.

ports from old SCS
Name Cable Connection
port1 1637 ps1-a1-eqiad (WMF5197) console0
port2 1638 ps1-a2-eqiad (WMF5221) console0
port3 1643 ps1-a3-eqiad (WMF5192) console0
port4 1640 ps1-a4-eqiad (WMF5190) console0
port5 1648 ps1-a5-eqiad (WMF5194) console0
port6 1651 ps1-a6-eqiad (WMF5208) console0
port7 1652 ps1-a7-eqiad (WMF5195) console0
port8 1785 ps1-a8-eqiad (WMF5204) console0
port9 1742 ps1-b1-eqiad (WMF5215) console0
port10 1741 ps1-b2-eqiad (WMF5219) console0
port11 1739 ps1-b3-eqiad (WMF5216) console0
port12 1736 ps1-b4-eqiad (WMF5222) console0
port13 1658 ps1-b5-eqiad (WMF5183) console0
port14 1659 ps1-b6-eqiad (WMF5220) console0
port15 1639 ps1-b7-eqiad (WMF5217) console0
port16 1642 ps1-b8-eqiad (WMF5218) console0
port17 1632 asw2-a1-eqiad (WMF7317) console0
port18 1650 asw2-a2-eqiad (WMF7318) console0
port19 1655 asw2-a3-eqiad (WMF7319) console0
port20 1649 asw2-a4-eqiad (WMF7320) console0
port21 1654 asw2-a5-eqiad (WMF7315) console0
port22 1653 asw2-a6-eqiad (WMF7322) console0
port23 1656 asw2-a7-eqiad (WMF7323) console0
port24 1657 asw2-a8-eqiad (WMF7324) console0
port25 1740 asw2-b1-eqiad (WMF7325) console0
port26 1738 asw2-b2-eqiad (WMF7326) console0
port27 1737 asw2-b3-eqiad (WMF7327) console0
port28 1757 asw2-b4-eqiad (WMF7328) console0
port29 1735 asw2-b5-eqiad (WMF7329) console0
port30 1756 asw2-b6-eqiad (WMF7330) console0
port31 1731 asw2-b7-eqiad (WMF7331) console0
port32 1732 asw2-b8-eqiad (WMF7332) console0
port33 1635 cr1-eqiad (WMF3401) console-re0
port34 1636 cr1-eqiad (WMF3401) console-re1
port35 1979 cr2-eqiad (WMF3402) console-re0
port36 241 cr2-eqiad (WMF3402) console-re1
port37 — —
port38 — —
port39 — —
port40 1779 msw1-eqiad (WMF5223) console0
port41 — —
port42 — —
port43 23000157 mr1-eqiad (WMF4931) console0
port44 — —
port45 — —
port46 — —
port47 — —
port48 —

Scs has been replaced / configured / and verified Rob and papaul could connect to it. My laptop is having issues in data center and is not connecting to it. unable to verify ports working at this time

Jclark-ctr claimed this task.

Fixed laptop issue. Verified all ports working