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Collapsible Sidebar : Instrumentation and Requirement gathering
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This task represents the ongoing discussions with Olga and Web engineers for instrumenting the collapsible sidebar.
This will be represented in the Instrumentation Specification document that I will make.

Event Timeline created this task. changed the subtype of this task from "Spike" to "Task".Mar 10 2020, 6:10 PM

Met Sam Smith over the couple of weeks to discuss and completed draft of Instrumentation specification (Note: access to the document is for foundation employees only). Reviewed with @ovasileva today.
Also reached out to @mpopov for review and recommendation.

Moving to signoff, will review this with the team next prio meeting

Resolving this. Discussion will continue in T250282: Build sidebar instrumentation as necessary. Now that the specification document is ready, can it be published for the community? As I recall that was the promise when asked at an early stage. Thank you :)