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Documentation updates for new hooks system
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This is the parent task for documentation updates for the new hook system based on Hook Container.

To do: Pilot

3 story points:

  • Update hooks manual on with intro section (T250754) (Nikki and Alex)
  • Add interfaces to individual hook pages on (T250757) (Alex)
  • Create architecture documentation ( (Tim)
  • Send announcement about changes to hook behavior in Core to wikitech-l following merging of key patches (Tim)
  • Troubleshoot group docs on Doxygen to create a list of available hooks (T253815) (Alex)

1-2 story points:

To do: After migrating a few extensions and after release of 1.35

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apaskulin updated the task description. (Show Details)

@WDoranWMF this task is in progress, but there's no one assigned to it. Should it be in the To Do column instead?

Unassigning myself since I'm not actively working on this