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Review backlog of open pull requests
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As we neared deployment of Authentication-based access, we've built up quite a backlog of pull requests, particularly from volunteer developers and for low priority features/bug fixes. After deployment we will prioritise taking a pass across these, leaving review comments and merging complete work:

reviewed, comment:

reviewed, requested changes:


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Many will need rebasing or merge conflicts resolved, so a lot of this work might be just notifying users of this.

@Samwalton9 should I actually jump in here
T205531 -
or just give the volunteer some time to work through things?

It looks like that had mostly stalled out - the latest suggestion seems to effectively be 'turn it off and on again'. I think it had only hung on a technical issue with running black, so if the code looks good perhaps just worth you running black on the branch and merging?

I'm absolutely fine doing that, just thought I'd check in first. Wilco!

Happy marking this as Done since a first pass through our PR backlog is complete - the rest can be handled on an ongoing basis as needed.

Making this more visible on the board.