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MediaWiki page undeletions should happen in batches of revisions
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This is a request to apply T198176 on page undeletions as well, that is: MediaWiki page undeletions should also happen in batches via jobqueue when the number of revisions to restore is higher than a number.

We've recently had a request to restore a page with a large number of revisions, which has resulted in HTTP Timeout errors each time we've attempted to restore the 11k revids at once. Attempts to restore were done via the UI and the API.

CC @tstarling and @BPirkle as authors of the batched deletion feature in the task linked above.

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MarcoAurelio renamed this task from MediaWiki page undeletions should happen on batches of revisions to MediaWiki page undeletions should happen in batches of revisions.Jul 7 2020, 12:59 PM
eprodromou subscribed.

This seems like a reasonable task, but it's going to be unusual to hit these values. It seems like manually batching the revisions with the API would be a workaround, so we're going to put this in future initiatives and give it a good review then.