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Reply links seem to interfere with triple-click to select paragraph in Chrome
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Triple click the paragraph beginning "Osobně se přejmenování..." on

Observe that the "J" in the next comment is selected:

image.png (125×967 px, 39 KB)

With the reply tool disabled, this works as expected:

image.png (123×962 px, 38 KB)

Observed in Chrome on Ubuntu and by another user on Windows, but works fine in Firefox.

Update: Filed upstream:

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I can also reproduce this. It doesn't happen if you remove the user-select: none; property from the reply link container.

This is definitely a bug in Chrome, maybe we should just report it there.

I vaguely recall a similar bug happening with headings and section edit links? I don't remember how we fixed that.

Some experimenting shows that we can work around this by setting display: inline-flex; on the reply link container (but not display: inline-block;, huh).

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@matmarex can you foresee any negative consequences with the approach you proposed above in talking with @ppelberg he express the opinion that this should be moved to the backlog for now unless there is a straight forward fix?

Let's just file this upstream with Chromium for now.

Try it here: "Chtěné asi ne, ale jestli by se toto řešilo až dodatečně při dalším průchodu..." from Harold. The [reply] link is missing (because of missing signature) and it works.

Let's just file this upstream with Chromium for now.

@Esanders / @matmarex: when one of y'all files this issue, can you please link to it on this task and then move it here ?

@Draceane That is not related to this bug (and I think it's the expected behavior).

On that page (ípou_(návrhy)#Rozlišování_barev_infoboxů_českých_sídel_podle_země), the comment's author used the HTML tags <q>…</q> to mark the quotation, instead of actual quotation mark characters. The tags are displayed like quotation marks, but the actual characters don't exist in the text, and can't be selected. They behave similarly to the arrow icon shown next to external links (screenshot from the same page at the bottom):

image.png (749×2 px, 307 KB) image.png (749×2 px, 298 KB)

I think we should just apply the workaround I mentioned in T260072#6373594, the Chromium bug report hasn't seen any action.

Change 631831 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bartosz Dziewoński; owner: Bartosz Dziewoński):
[mediawiki/extensions/DiscussionTools@master] Work around Chromium bug with triple-click selection and reply links

Change 631831 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/DiscussionTools@master] Work around Chromium bug with triple-click selection and reply links

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