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Switch the default value of the mobile "Expand all sections" option to true on mobile
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As a Wikidata Product Manager, as a first step towards improving the situation detailed in T239195, I want to see if changing the value of wgMFCollapseSectionsByDefault configuration option influences the section collapsing behaviour on wikitext pages on mobile

Acceptance criteria

  • "Expand all sections" button in Special:MobileOptions should be turned ON by default as wgMFCollapseSectionsByDefault is false

Event Timeline

If the purpose of this is only for the product manager to see how changing the value affects the display, then I suggest that we don’t submit this as a config change, but only temporarily edit the config file on a debugging server. @Lydia_Pintscher can we find a time window where we can try this today or tomorrow?

Yes! I put something in your calendar for tomorrow.

Marking as Stalled since it’s no longer clear what the behavior even with the current setting is (T239195#6494538).

Alright, we figured out the issues and managed to test this prospective config change on the debug server. In short: yes, it seems to do what it’s supposed to do, let’s enable that setting on Wikidata (i. e., remove the line which sets it to false so that it uses the default value of true). It’s a bit tricky to test – MobileFrontend seems to cache the value of the “Expand all sections” user option in the session, so after practically any change you want to open a new private window to ensure you’re really getting the server default – but setting wgMFCollapseSectionsByDefault to true changes the behavior of talk page sections as desired (they’re collapsed by default, unless you change the user option), and nothing else we found seems to be negatively affected (in particular, mobile item and property pages look fine).