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Add action block parameters to Special:BlockList
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Following T279556: Introduce infrastructure for making partial blocks against actions, Special:BlockList should be updated to display the details of partial blocks against actions.

Special:BlockList displays a list of blocks, including the parameters of each block, i.e. what it actually blocks the user from doing.

For partial blocks, it displays which pages and/or namespaces are blocked, via BlockListPager::getRestrictionListHTML. This method should be updated to display action blocks too.

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Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 1.54.42 PM.png (1×2 px, 346 KB)

It feels the actions are already showing up in the "block parameters" column.
Is this the result expected?

@Tchanders @Prtksxna
Thank you!

@AGueyte That's working as expected for page and namespace blocks, but not yet for action blocks. You'll need to rebase on to get action blocks working - if you then make a partial block against uploading, you'll see that the details don't display in Special:BlockList

Change 681203 had a related patch set uploaded (by AGueyte; author: AGueyte):

[mediawiki/core@master] Add action block to BlockList

Note that we have a follow-up task to redesign how this list displays, since after this task the action blocks are listed under "editing": T281364: Re-design how partial blocks are displayed on Special:BlockList

image.png (269×205 px, 10 KB)

Change 681203 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/core@master] Add action block to BlockList

dom_walden subscribed.

Moving to @Prtksxna if he wants to have a look.

Here is how the new action blocks look like on Special:BlockList (and Special:AutoBlockList):

new_actions_blocklist.png (333×1 px, 29 KB)

(I briefly viewed it in the other skins, they look more-or-less the same. They are just bullet points.)

Here is how they look on Special:CentralAuth (I don't know if we affected this. I imagine we are just missing a translation):

new_actions_centralauth.png (141×1 px, 19 KB)

There are a few APIs which show block info, such as:

  • action=query&list=blocks
  • action=query&meta=userinfo&uiprop=blockinfo
  • action=query&list=users&ususers=$username&usprop=blockinfo

which don't show info about action restrictions. But they don't show info about namespace or page restrictions either, so I guess that is consistent.

Test environment: MediaWiki 1.37.0-alpha (bb285a7) 06:37, 5 May 2021.

Here is how they look on Special:CentralAuth (I don't know if we affected this. I imagine we are just missing a translation) [...]

Thanks - filed as T282586