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Suggestededit-add_1.0 is suggesting bad short descriptions on en.WP; short description feature should be disabled until fixed
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Steps to reproduce

Suggestedit is suggesting decapitalization of short descriptions and sometimes suggests utterly terrible short descriptions for articles that already have good ones.

Expected results

For now, the tool should not interact with short descriptions until it can comply with the guidance at

Actual results

See's_SuggestEdit_ruining_short_descriptions for links to buggy diffs.

Stack trace

Environments observed

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Event Timeline

Can someone please disable this tool until it can be debugged?

Dbrant triaged this task as Medium priority.Tue, Apr 13, 6:11 PM
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Thanks for reporting this -- we'll take a look and update our in-app guidance to match the rules on the wiki page.

For a little more context: in all languages except English the short description is written to Wikidata, where the guidance for capitalization is the opposite of the guidance on enwiki, and we have not yet implemented a special case for this in our code, unfortunately.

And just to clarify a few things about what we mean by "suggestions" or "suggested" descriptions:
The app does not do any kind of automatic pre-populating of the description. The examples you cite that are bizarre or nonsensical were in fact typed by users themselves. What the app "suggests" is merely articles that are currently missing descriptions, so that the user can populate them.

One other point of confusion is the suggestededit-add comment, which is getting added regardless of whether the edit came from the "suggestions" feature, or from plain editing from within the article itself. This is a bug in our code, which will also be fixed in our next update.

Most of the edits linked above were incorrect modifications to existing short descriptions, so fixing the two bugs described above (the edit summary containing "suggestedit-add" incorrectly, and fixing the lower-casing of the first letter) should help.

I remain confused by edits like this one, where the only change to the page was a one-letter change to the short description. Something in this new tool/app suggested that edit to the editor, either indirectly or directly, and that should not happen.

There is already a short description import suggestion tool at Suggesting an article and hoping that an inexperienced editor will make up a good short description from scratch is probably not wise. Has any QA analysis been done on the SDs created with this tool to see what percentage of them are good?

But short descriptions are supposed to be lowercased right..? The presentation layer is supposed to sentence case depending on context and language. I clearly remember this as being part of the original ideas behind short descriptions.

[edit] Oh this is about the exception English Wikipedia... nvmd

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Looks like @Dbrant had a PR of fixing it, and it has been merged.

Move this to Merged and Waiting.