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Conduct user testing for mentor dashboard V1
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The Growth team has been working on a mentor dashboard to equip mentors with data and resources to help them be more proactive and successful at their role. The dashboard will be a private special page that will have a variety of modules - each serving a different purpose. The main, “Your mentees” module will include a table with information about the mentor’s current mentees.
The insights from the mentor dashboard usability testing will:

  • Answer questions about the behavior of our users.
  • Determine the potential success and needed improvements of this project.

Goals of this user test

Generally, usability testing is run to identify opportunities to improve usability, test the content/prioritization and gain insights for V2 of the dashboard. Some more specific goals are listed below:

Navigation and orientation

  • Can participants easily navigate through the task and find the necessary information for the tasks?


  • Can the participants find the dashboard? Does the location work with their current workflow?


  • Do participants find the ‘your mentees’ module to be the most important one? Do they feel like another module should be at the forefront?

Test whether the information that has been included is useful

  • Was the choice of parameters and data appropriate?
  • Do the infoboxes and descriptions communicate sufficiently the use and function of the modules?

Identify if V1 has met the mentor’s expectations (what should V2 include?)

  • Did the participants expect different modules/do they wish to have access to other features?

Testing format

The users will be recruited by:

  • Reaching out to mentors + community members via different wikis
  • Contacting the ambassadors (seeing if they can recommend any users)
  • Reaching out to mentors who were previously interviewed for this project

It will be a remote, moderated test, where users will be asked to go through the dashboard as a series of tasks, while "talking aloud" their expectations and experiences. It will be followed by a few written questions. Each session test should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.


10+ users will be recruited for the tests. The target audience includes experienced editors who have signed up to mentor. They must be from a wiki to which the Growth team has deployed their features to.
The users can be:

  • Experienced mentors
  • People new to mentoring
  • Those who left mentoring.

Ideally, we would test with mobile and desktop, but due to time constraints, this test will be run on the desktop version.

  • Languages: English, Russian, German

Test protocol

Link to test protocol


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