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[SPIKE] Conduct legal review of proposed instrumentation changes
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This task represents the work involved with consulting with the WMF-Legal team to learn what – if any – adjustments need to be made to the new instrumentation we plan to implement in T286076.



  • 1. The Editing Team is aware of what – if any – questions /concerns the Legal Team has about the new instrumentation we are planning to implement.
    • No issues were raised.
  • 2. The Legal Team is satisfied with how the Editing Team has addressed the questions/concerns the Legal Team has raised
    • N/A per "1." ---

i. Ordinarily, I'd have suggested this interaction happen on this ticket. Tho, I am assuming the legal team might prefer this conversation happen in a more private setting.

Event Timeline

Per the email we received on 27 August, the legal team has approved the instrumentation changes we are planning to make in T286076.

Given the above, I am marking this task as resolved.