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Upgrade Cirrus Elasticsearch clusters to Debian Bullseye
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As an operator of Elasticsearch, I want to run on a supported OS so that I can benefit from security updates and general support.

Upgrade to Debian Bullseye has started at WMF (T275873: Prepare our base system layer for Debian 11/bullseye), Elasticsearch needs to follow the upgrades. This make sense to do as part of the Elastic 7.x migration (T263142: [EPIC] Upgrade Elasticsearch to version 7.x). Bullseye provides OpenJDK 11 and 17, we might want to upgrade the JDK at the same time (or use an OpenJDK 8 backport). Note that OpenJDK 17 isn't officially supported by Elasticsearch.

Note that we still haven't migrated to Buster (T244736: Migrate Elasticsearch to Debian Buster).


The following roles are all deployed on top of Debian Bullseye:

  • role::elasticsearch::cloudelastic
  • role::elasticsearch::cirrus
  • role::elasticsearch::relforge

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If this is an actual blocker to T263142: [EPIC] Upgrade Elasticsearch to version 7.x, can we put it in the tree as such? Thanks!

Two things here:

  • Java 17 is included in Bullseye, but 17 is not yet a GA release. As such there won't be any updates in Debian until that changes (plus relying on it for prod might cause some issues)
  • To support the Hadoop migration towards Bullseye (Hadoop as currently used from Big Top doesn't support Java 11 yet), there is a component/jdk8 for bullseye. As such you could also initially migrate from Stretch to Bullseye while continuing to use Java 8 and only switch to Java 11 when the migration is complete.