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Instrument the mobile language selector entry point to Section Translation
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A new entry point (T286645) is available for Section Translation: for pages missing in a language supported by Section Translation (Bengali currently), the language selector on mobile now lets users translate them. We want to instrument this new entry point as part of the efforts to better instrument the tool (T231316).

We need to check that the events for people accessing the translation dashboard through this entry point are properly filled. This will make sure that we can learn about how those users are doing with the tool.

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Pginer-WMF raised the priority of this task from Medium to High.Sep 30 2021, 10:09 AM

@nshahquinn-wmf is there any valid source that we can use for the dashboard event in this case or it should be added? We use campaign=mflanguagesearcher URL parameter for these cases.

@ngkountas make sure to start tagging @MNeisler on questions like these as she's now the assigned data scientist for Language! 😊

We do already have content_language_selector as a source. Currently, this is only listed as a possible source for the editor_open event, because the existing entry point on desktop bypasses the dashboard and goes straight to the editor. But you can apply it to whichever event is appropriate for the mobile version (there is an access_method that will let us distinguish between the mobile and desktop entry points). We just need to make sure the documentation gets updated to reflect the new use.

Change 735041 had a related patch set uploaded (by Nik Gkountas; author: Nik Gkountas):

[mediawiki/extensions/ContentTranslation@master] SX Dashboard: Move translation start from URL to a composable

Change 735041 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/ContentTranslation@master] SX Dashboard: Move translation start from URL to a composable

Change 737354 had a related patch set uploaded (by Santhosh; author: Santhosh):

[mediawiki/extensions/ContentTranslation@master] CX3 Build 0.1.0+20211108

Change 737354 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/ContentTranslation@master] CX3 Build 0.1.0+20211108

where can I see these metrics?

For the QA process implemented int the current ticket, a separate ticket was created focused on the QA: T295756: Verify mobile language selector entry point instrumentation (QA)
Reply to the question there (T295756#7574639) may clarify how to see the events.