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Enable "Share" of talk page topics.
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Based on research from @dchen, it is common for Wikipedia editors to take discussions about an article to a third party destination and reference a conversation that originated on Talk pages. Presently, there is not an easy way to reference particular threads in a talk page from our app.

The Task
Build a "Share" button (in the toolbar or overflow menu, based on design) for a specific Talk conversation at the subject level.

i.e. After navigating to a Talk page discussion thread, show the three dots in the top right corner (LtR) of the screen, and once someone presses those dots, expose an option to "share" that discussion from the Talk screen mirroring the behavior of sharing a Wikipedia article.

Event Timeline

Thanks @Dbrant - for consistency, please adapt the overflow menus:

  • Article: Change Share link label to Share article
  • Article talk page:
    • Add share icon to to Share talk page label
    • Add external link icon to View page in browser
  • User talk page:
    • Change label from Go to user page to View user page, add user icon
    • Add external link icon to View page in browser
    • Add share icon to Share talk page

On another note:

Please update the error screen if the user does not exist yet, per @Sharvaniharan’s specs in T295071. It currently looks like this:

Screenshot_20211123-092844.png (2×1 px, 84 KB)

Other than these minor changes — great work and a vast improvement! 👏