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[QA task] Add image - the reason does not list all wikis where image is used
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Note: The example below is not a single example. There were several cases where a recommended image was listed as used only by one wiki (on the same article), but the commons file page lists additional wikis with the same article title.

  1. On testwiki wmf.9 the image File:Ibsen_sitat.jpg was suggested for "Gustavo Aguerre" article with the reason:
Used in the same article in Norwegian Nynorsk Wikipedia

Screenshot_20211117-105809_Samsung Internet.jpg (2×1 px, 341 KB)

  1. The image file page lists one more wiki where the file is used on the same article - svwiki -

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@mewoph and @Tgr offer two explanations:

  • We filter out wikis where we don't have the name for the language.
  • The API's knowledge of usage may just disagree with other sources, based on how it treats templates, how old the data is, etc, etc.

@Etonkovidova will keep an eye on this in production wikis.

Is it possible to not have language names? I think The CLDR contains all language names in English, and our message framework can't really differentiate between "translation exists" and "translation does not exist but there is a translation for some language on the fallback chain" and the fallback chain always ends in English.

I would just assume this is always due to mismatch btween the Image Suggestion API and GlobalUsage (that's certainly the case in the example given) and close the task, as the mismatch is outside our control or ability to do much about. (It might be due to the suggestions being based on an older snapshot, but I'm not sure the inclusion criteria are identical, either.)

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Another example (testwiki wmf.13

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 3.30.54 PM.png (1×778 px, 303 KB)

File:Bevern-Wappen.jpg dewiki and elwiki. The add image card lists only elwiki.

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I've been checking the match on several lang wiki and cannot find an example of mismatch, so I'm closing the task (it's Resolved since it's a QA task) .