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Enable statement usage tracking on warwiki
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As agreed in T188730#7461581 and T188730#7525888, we want to remove the wmgWikibaseDisabledUsageAspects setting for Waray Wikipedia. This is expected to increase the number of rows in the wbc_entity_usage to no more than 40 million, most likely much less (currently 2.6 million). We should keep track of the size of the table after making the change, as well as the size of the recentchanges table and the ratio of Wikidata edits there, and check on-wiki Lua modules for obvious mistakes if it grows too large.

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lucaswerkmeister-wmde@stat1007:~$ sudo -u analytics-wmde analytics-mysql warwiki <<< 'SELECT table_name, table_rows FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema = "warwiki" AND table_name IN ("wbc_entity_usage", "recentchanges");' | expand -t20
table_name          table_rows
recentchanges       44847
wbc_entity_usage    2558116