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Cannot edit non-mainspace pages in Android app
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a template page in the Android app, e.g. w:en:Template:Earth's location.
  2. Try to press the edit button.

Actual result

  1. There’s no edit button to press—the template can simply not be edited within the app.

Expected result

  1. There’s a button to edit the “lead section” of the template (which is usually the whole template, as templates rarely contain section headers), just like in articles.

Further information

Screenshot_2022-04-16-18-17-52.png (923×540 px, 121 KB)

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@C933103: Hi, how is this different from T124168?

That one is the display of the template itself

This one is about the display of a button to edit the template, regardless of whether the template itself can be shown.

Sorry for missed previous notification

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Needs product/design thought on this.

So to fix this we will add an option in the overflow menu to edit the entire article as a fix for this T103622.