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New Vector Search should show redirects to sections or anchors (with fragment)
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With T296671, redirects are resolved in search results.
With T303013, UI will notice when a result comes from a redirect.

However, that would not solve the following issue with redirects-to-anchor results:

A few additional pieces of information that might be of use, to perhas consider not using the destination title, or at least not as the link target.

  1. Wikipedians spend much time establishing and maintaining in great detail redirects to specific sections.

For example, where the subject doesn't have its own article, and is covered within a larger one. Such as:

  • TRANSIENT to ECHELON#Confirmation_(2015).
  • recdns to Name_server#Recursive_query.
  • Mirall to Allen_Institute.
  • .work to List_of_Internet_top-level_domains#W.

As such, it may be important for the destination URL to either be the original unchanged redirect, or the fully formed destination URL. I don't know the REST API code well, but from a quick glance it seemed as if maybe it is resolving to a page identity, and not a link target. Which means these sections would be lost.

  • Bush TwinsGeorge W. Bush. Unless you know that this is a redirect to a section of the former president's article this is confusing and implies that George is a twin (he isn't).

Event Timeline

T296671 introduced an issue with redirects. T303013 partially solved it, but the redirect-to-section issue remains.
Both tasks are complementary.

There is a similar discussion about this issue here on enwiki.

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