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Make patrolled/unpatrolled status (more) visible in diffs and page history
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Author: lecotegougdelaforce

It is already possible to discriminate unpatrolled revisions from patrolled revisions in a few special pages, possibly depending on the wiki configuration. In particular, in WP:fr unpatrolled revisions show up in the user's watchlist and in Special:RecentChanges.

This feature is widely used in WP:fr. According to a quick poll (Wikipédia:Le_Bistro/27_juin_2011#Mini-sondage_du_jour.C2.A0:_affichage_des_modifications_non-lues), a few enhancements would be greatly welcome. In particular :

  • it would be great if when viewing diffs, the unpatrolled status of the previous diff was visible — this would allow the reviewer to look at the previous diff only if it has not already been patrolled, while currently the reviewer has to look at the previous diff to know if it has been patrolled ;
  • it would be nice also if unpatrolled revisions could show up in the page history as well — this would help reviewers to clean pages.


See also: T71061: Show patrol marks on Special:Contributions

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Several users of the Italian Wikipedia agree, rather uncontroversially, that the (un)patrolled status of a revision should stand out more in action=history and diffs, both to solicit more patrolling and to help those who are looking for revisions to (not) restore.,_come_gestirli#Discussione_sul_punto_1

Currently the (un)patrolled flag is visible only on RecentChanges and friends (Watchlist, NewPages).

  • Since T17936: New page's patrol button should always be visible was fixed, you can tell that a diff was not patrolled because you always see a "patrol" button, but there should be another graphical indication, ideally also for neighbouring diffs.
  • action=history has no indication at all, but some is needed for those who wish to clean the recent history of a page; currently one would have to open the logs for the the page only to get a general idea of which edits were patrolled.

In both cases, the visual indication should at a minimum be the usual red exclamation mark, but some ask for a yellow background instead.

How to implement the feature on history is not so obvious. Perhaps it's acceptable to join the revision and recentchanges tables for those users who have patrol permission; the gadget by @He7d3r was tested by @Rotpunkt who says it only fetches the latest 5000 RC entries, not the entire $wgRCMaxAge period for the page at hand.

Indeed I'm using the max available for a single API call, but I'm not doing any continuation for the recentchanges query:

Change 273608 had a related patch set uploaded (by Brian Wolff):
Show unpatrolled "!" on history pages

From T135612:

Hello. Could you, please, add the "not-patrolled" css class (or maybe different named for this case, with same properties, if you think it's better), so wiki sites could choose changing unpatrolled revisions style in pages history for users that are allowed to see those revisions? Thank you.

Showing unpatrolled "!" on history pages could be a good start, but we haven't even this feature. Thanks again.