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PageTriage: Javascript refactoring to take advantage of ES6
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Some ideas (courtesy @Chlod and @TheDJ):
[] functions to classes striking for now, high effort

  • var to const/let
  • $.Deferred() to Promise() (3 files)
  • cleanup of that = this, (13 files)
  • conversion of function (){} to () => {} (24 files)
  • $.when to Promise.all() (4 instances)
  • concatenation to backticks, e.g. ${string} interpolation

Split from T324579: Enable ES6

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What's left here and how can I help?

The Moderator Tools team is currently rewriting the PageTriage front end in Vue. The conversion process might clean up most of these JavaScript issues. We should come back to this task in a couple months.

Two months have past. Any updates here?

Two months have past. Any updates here?

Resolution of T343329: Special:NewPagesFeed Vue UI: wrap up feedback period and make default experience would be the threshold. The rollout has been slow, as we were hoping to be there by the end of August. Other than functions to classes, these would all be really low effort individual patches. If we struck that one item, I'd be happy to put this in our maintenance backlog that we try to whittle down every sprint.

Sounds good. I went ahead and did a strikethrough of "functions to classes". You can add to your maintenance backlog now if you want.

Thanks; done! If we don't catch this by the end of the month, we'll roll it to the next quarter.