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Inline Styles: Portal pages need to be redesigned for mobile
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Totally broken since we impose fixed width.

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See bug 32123 for a bunch of info about fixing these portal pages; some have been cleaned up, others need to be done still.

It's better as now the table is horizontally scrollable but still messy.

Several problems:

  • Section toggling is not enabled. For some reason content of a section appears as a div outside the .content_block div rather than inside it
  • There seems to be a need for a PortalTemplate to take away the need for inline styling

So I've cleaned up lots of portal pages [1,2,3]

I think next step is to get a list of all pages which have known bad styles
To do this we should download one of the latest dumps [4] and grep them for the following known patterns:
float:left; width:60%
float:left; width:51%;
float:right; width:48%
and then edit those articles so that they use classes instead.

Gabrielle Wicke has several node grepping tools [4] that will help us do this
I'll report back with a list of bad pages so we can clean these up.


philinje wrote:

Nice, but hard work. I wonder if we should stir up some community help, as we will shortly do with the default switchover of the sister projects?

Here is a list of effected pages on English Wikipedia:

Please help clean these up to close this bug.

Another example of a page with an inline style problem:

$("[style]").removeAttr("style") fixes it
Haven't got time right now to explore this further

All portal pages are now fixed via a grease monkey script

  • Bug 22187 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

-dependency (which is marked duplicate)