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[SPIKE] Define initial logic that will determine how checks are presented when multiple are triggered
Open, Needs TriagePublic


This task involves the work with defining the logic that will determine how edit checks are presented to people within the user experience when multiple are triggered.

Open questions

  • 1. What – if any – upper limit should there be on the number of checks people are presented with within a single edit session?
  • 2. If an edit someone is attempting to publish triggers multiple checks of different types, what – if any – priority should be given to these types of checks?

The need for this ticket emerged in the 7 Feb. 2023 with the Growth Team by way of T327333.

Event Timeline

Some ideas @RHo, @Tgr, @nettrom_WMF, and @KStoller-WMF shared from what the Growth Team has learned through their work on the Add a link structured task:

  • Impose an upper limit on the number of checks people are presented with during each edit session. Growth Team converged on "3 suggestions" for the "Add a link" structured task after having launched with 5/6. See more in T301095
  • Consider enabling projects to configure/decide on/express opinions about the logic