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MUL - Remove descriptions for `mul` language code from the user workflow on mobile termbox
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Currently, it appears as if editors can add mul descriptions in the termbox. But when they try, they receive an error message, that says mul is not allowed for descriptions. We need to make this more intuitive.


  • Another task does the same thing for desktop (the original task was split into viewing T329644 and editing T338302).
  • The reason is that we only allow the language code mul for Labels and Aliases and not for descriptions (T313027).
  • A WM message for "-" (disabled field) should already exists by now (see T329644).


  • Remove descriptions for mul language code from the users' termbox workflow
  • The n-dash symbol "–" (disabled field) needs to be translateable to be understood in all cultures (e.g. in Japanese).


image.png (614×422 px, 27 KB)

image.png (825×421 px, 33 KB)

Acceptance criteria:

  • When viewing an Item on mobile, the termbox shows "-" as a description for mul (see mockup).
  • The n-dash symbol "–" (disabled field) is localized (a new translation string was created, see 329644)
  • When editing an Item on mobile, the termbox shows a disabled edit field for descriptions for mul (see mockup).
  • Users of screen reader technology receive the right prompt in read and edit mode (see specs)
  • Release to

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Manuel updated the task description. (Show Details)