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Prototype a code-splitting solution against a known use case
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In trying to address T335317, we don't want to paint ourselves into a corner and commit to a long-term solution without first validating our approach. We can do this by prototyping against known use cases.

Example: Message boxes (T326587). Can we enable the Web team to convert these to Codex without making the Codex build and development process a nightmare?

Acceptance Criteria

  • Identify a use case where Codex adoption is currently not possible or challenging, but where we believe a code-splitting solution would enable adoption.
  • Prototype a solution to this use case and validate it with the owners of that product area (and other relevant stakeholders).
  • Continue iterating [within a specified time box] until we either solve the adoption hurtle or learn that another approach is needed.
  • By EOQ: make a decision on whether it's worth continuing to try to solve this problem or whether to focus on adoption hurtles elsewhere.

Questions to ask:

  • Does this create the best experience for Wikimedia end-users?
  • Will this solution be easy to use for Codex users?
  • How does this affect the scalability and maintainability of Codex?
  • Does this make it easier / harder to contribute to Codex?
  • Does this require more work in the future? Or would this solution be enough to satisfy the current use case?
  • How does the solution map to larger picture of T335785?

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The questions outlined in this task have already been resolved by other subtasks of T335317: [EPIC] Determine how to support code-splitting when using Codex inside MediaWiki.