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Test special page SQL queries against supported Open Source DBs (sqlite, mysql, pgsql)
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Per Brion comment on bug 31913:
We should be having unit tests running all the query page queries to make sure they work.

As an example: Microsoft SQL does not support column alias in GROUP BY clause (bug 31913).



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sumanah wrote:

DJ Bauch and Ben Lobaugh are going to work on this, at least for Microsoft-related databases. It would be great if developers on other databases also wrote some unit tests.

From IRC discussion today:

<MaxSem> throw some test data at it, then call internally via the API?
<blobaugh> without having the test know how to access the db itself you could do that. insert via api and retrieve via api, compare
<blobaugh> sumanah: i can work with djbauch to make sure the MSSQL driver is fully tested
<djbauch> Yeah, I can work with Ben on all the required MS SQL tests.
<blobaugh> sumanah: is there no specification for test for dbs right now?
<G_SabinoMullane> Nikerabbit: I don't think so.
<MaxSem> blobaugh, first, you have to get normal tests to work on your backend
<DJ Bauch> Special pages are working OK for me now on SQL Server. Even the GROUP BY stuff

Conclusion -- Ben & DJ to work on this - for MSSQL at least. if an abstract method can be ported to each we will try to find it

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For open source databases that are easy for us to maintain, that should be higher priority than proprietary databases (e.g. Oracle, MSSQL). I'd prefer this be split up into at least two bugs (non-proprietary and proprietary) with the proprietary ones taking lower priority.

Split off separate bug for the proprietary DBs: Bug 33290

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This is a decade old task. The intent at the time was to ensure that Special pages worked on various database. We now have a SQL interface to generate SQL and it should take care of any oddities. We are also down to only supporting Sqlite (for development), MySQL and PostgreSql.