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Switch master branch to non M2C
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The M2C code has been rolled back in the Gerrit branch m2c-rollback. This should replace the current master branch and the M2C code will be merged later. The current master branch should be moved to another branch until the merge, called something like m2c.

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@siebrand Will the syncing with be affected by these changes?
The existing translations (in master today) will be migrated to the new m2c branch so they won't be lost but I'm unsure how this might affect the message pages on now and in the future when the m2c branch is merged back into master.

@NavinoEvans, @Eugene233, I poked around a bit in a different repo (where I have +2) and I think the way to make the switch is like this:

  1. Create a new branch for m2c with "Initial Revision" = master.
  2. Delete the master branch.
  3. Create a new branch called master with "Initial Revision" = m2c-rollback.
  4. Delete the branch m2c-rollback, once everything looks good.

I don't know what happens with the patches after that, but it's likely that at least some patches will have to be moved so they belong to the correct branch, depending on if they are for M2C or not. This can be done in the Gerrit web interface via the "three dot menu" at the top, but only if you own the patch or if you have +2 for the repo (I think).

@Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE Sure some patches would have to be moved. I managed to identify the existing patches(in review) which may have to be moved once this change is made.