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[TECH][IPM] Investigate ramifications of IP masking on Wikidata Bridge
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We need to find out how the IP masking work affects the Wikidata Bridge. For details see parent tickets.

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T350039: API action=query&prop=info&intestactions=edit&intestactionsdetail=full and intestactionsdetail=boolean report that logged-out users can't edit pages when temp accounts are enabled would probably affect us, IIRC Wikidata Bridge uses that API to check whether the user is allowed to use data bridge or not. (But I’m hopeful that it will be fixed and we won’t have to work around it. Just leaving a note here for now.)

Michael triaged this task as High priority.Mar 5 2024, 5:31 PM
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While this task is technically not a bug in itself, we need to be mindful of T351968#9602082 if we decide to "renable" Wikidata Bridge soon by fixing bug T354750 before the Temporary Accounts/IP Masking feature has been rolled out to all Wikimedia Wikis.