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Rebuild PHP 7.4 packages for Bullseye
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Now that the ICU67 migration has completed, the PHP 7.4 packages need to be rebuilt for bullseye:

  • dh-php
  • php-defaults
  • php7.4
  • php-apcu
  • php-excimer
  • php-geoip
  • php-igbinary
  • php-imagick
  • php-luasandbox
  • php-memcached
  • php-msgpack
  • php-pcov
  • php-redis
  • tideways
  • wikidiff2
  • php-wmerrors
  • xdebug
  • php-yaml
  • libxml2 (Uses native ICU from Bullseye)
  • icu67 (Uses native ICU from Bullseye)

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MoritzMuehlenhoff updated the task description. (Show Details)

@MoritzMuehlenhoff When this is done, should I expect that there will be a component/icu67 in distro wikimedia-bullseye just like there is now in distro wikimedia-buster?

I am just wondering for puppet code changes like this:

Should i add the apt::repository { 'icu67': for bullseye as well in the future?

As I am seeing right now:

[apt1001:~] $ sudo -i reprepro list buster-wikimedia | grep icu67 | wc -l
[apt1001:~] $ sudo -i reprepro list bullseye-wikimedia | grep icu67 | wc -l

and that got me here.

Bullseye has ICU 67 as the default ICU version, as such on Bullseye there will only be component/php74 and nothing else.

Gotcha! thank you. I will amend my patch accordingly.

The packages have been rebuilt and appear to install fine on snapshot1014.