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Add photos to articles
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Author: philinje

The desired functionality is a connected workflow starting with an article to which the user wishes to add a photo or graphic. Instead of bouncing the user to Commons with no actual connection to the article, this new process would provide a smooth flow to Commons with a tag identifying the article, so that it can easily be added to the article. Probably the photo would be added immediately to the article, triggering an article review process in Wikipedia and a photo review process in Commons. If one or both reviews triggers a deletion or need for modification, then the appropriate action must be taken relative to the photo.

This is related in concept to bug 33341 regarding an enhancement to Upload Wizard. Ideally, as much as possible can be used from Upload Wizard for this purpose, and new backend functionality should be universal.

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philinje wrote:

A special use case involving Wiki Loves Monuments could involve pages like the following:

where it is clear that photos are missing from certain articles, and simply clicking on a place in a list triggers the process of adding the photo.

On iPhone and iPad this feature will almost definitely involve an app, or a workaround when using a browser.

philinje wrote:

Referencing related bugs.