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a page with the same title in different languages appears identically in the list
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It's possible to save a page with the same title in different languages, for example [[Pink Moon]] in English and Russian. When these pages appear in the list of saved pages, there's no way to tell which is which without clicking on them.

A possible solution would be to show the language in the list in parentheses after the title when several pages with the same title exist.

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philinje wrote:

Ok, this applies to article names that are typically names, since regular topics appear in the language. But that is a large percentage of articles.

Should we add the language code to all entries?

A language name is better than the language code, because most people don't know the codes. And it should be in the language of the article, so Deutsch for an article in German, Italiano for an article in Italian etc.; the names that appear in the interlanguage links list are fine.

We never got to this on the old app, but this is a good thing to keep in mind when we design the UIs for the new app.

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No longer valid

No longer valid

I still observe this issue in the Android app (v2.7.50330-alpha-2020-08-04).

Screenshot_2020-08-05-11-31-51.png (759×477 px, 40 KB)

So, I'm guessing this is fixed only in the iOS app. Or are there other reasons for why this is no longer valid? 🤔