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Design Research: Wikifunctions Integration to Wikipedia
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Research questions

Understanding current workflows in small(er) Wikipedias

  • Identifying current practices
    • How do editors keep content up-to-date and streamlined? Identify 2–3 activities where Wikifunctions can make a difference in the editing process, eg. updating the name of a mayor or the age of a person.
    • What are some technical problems they encounter in their contribution process?
  • Familiarity with existing tools
    • How often do editors use tools like templates and navigation boxes?
    • Can they give examples of how they’re using these tools in their Wikipedia?

Community understanding of Wikifunctions

  • Awareness and perception
    • What is the editors current level of awareness regarding Wikifunctions?
    • How do they perceive the potential of Wikifunctions in their editorial activities?
    • How do editors unfamiliar with Wikifunctions respond to and interpret the Wikifunctions value proposition, eg. product landing page?
  • Learning from examples
    • Would showing examples of Wikifunctions being used especially in similar situations to their needs, help them see how it can be useful?
  • Technical familiarity
    • Do technical contributors understand concepts similar to Wikifunctions?
    • What are some of the metaphors they use to convey their understanding? Eg. calculating the volume of a pyramid as shown in Google search results.

Integrating Wikifunctions into existing workflows

  • Potential adoption and adaptation
    • How do editors see Wikifunctions fitting into their current contribution workflows?
    • What changes or improvements are needed to integrate smoothly?
  • Addressing technical gaps
    • How can Wikifunctions help small Wikipedias?



Due Date
Fri, May 31, 11:00 PM

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