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MathJax doesn't show double lines in tables
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a & b & S\\
0 & 0 & 1\\
0 & 1 & 1\\
1 & 0 & 1\\
1 & 1 & 0\\
there should be a double line before the last column, which MathJax doesn't show.

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"I was talking about this with Davide, one of the main MathJax developers. He explained that MathJax would internally translate everything into MathML representation, and the support for partial framing is missing in the MathML specification. While this could be implemented for the HTML/CSS output and with considerable hacks also for MathML output rendering he rather wants not to do so as the standard solution for tables in HTML pages should be making use of the HTML table feature. I agree with that sentiment."

physik wrote:

Still a problem with MathJaX 2.3
This issue is a MathJax issue so it should be reported to MathJax

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This issue is a MathJax issue so it should be reported to MathJax

Where is that? ?

physik wrote:

Yes. I think so. Furthermore, if people submit bugs to the math extension this link could be shown.