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ULS search autocomplete doesn't handle RTL well: doesn't adapt direction, autocomplete text overlaps regular text
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If a user using a ltr language starts typing in rtl characters into the search, or a rtl language user starts typing ltr characters in, ULS doesn't adapt the direction of the search field, making the autocomplete text overlap the regular text strangely.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
Whiteboard: ux
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> i18n keyword, blocking bug 745

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Thanks for the report. It would help us to better identify the problem of text overlap if you could attach a screenshot or the exact steps of reproduction preferably with a suggested string. Thanks.

Yair: Could you attach a screenshot and/or exact steps to reproduce, please?

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LTR language name in RTL context

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have any ltr language selected.
  2. Click the language button in the top bar to the immediate left of the link to one's userpage.
  3. Type any Hebrew character ("א", for example) into the text box.

Alternatively, have a rtl language selected and type an English string, for example "Eng" (pictured in screenshot).


ulsbug.png (662×822 px, 23 KB)

This will require some magic with mixing placeholders and content with different direction. I'm not even sure that it's possible.

Another option is to add automatic direction detection - it's usually not perfect, but could work in this case.

p.selitskas wrote:

I cannot reproduce this behaviour in Chrome 29, Firefox 23.0.1 and Internet Explorer 10 @ Windows 7.