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Allow other domains in $wgCopyUploadsDomains to enable full support of upload_by_url
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Administrators on commonswiki have the right to upload flickr files by URL. Nevertheless this is limited to '*'-files. See also Gerrit change #34357 (and possibly Gerrit change #25605 )

Allowing other domains would make it possible for administrators to transfer files directly from other sources to commonswiki. (No need to fiddle with download/upload/large file size ...)

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement
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Anyone know what the reasoning behind the restriction is? It seems like if we can do flickr, it should be just as hard to do the rest of the internet. Bug 20512 doesn't seem to say why it was restricted to just flickr, other then we really wanted to get it to work for flickr.

See also: (opening up some known domains to test GWToolset on the Beta Cluster).

(In reply to comment #2)
Upload enabled for domains of the form "*.domain.tld" does not enable uploads for "domain.tld". If there is no subdomain like "www." or "images." the upload will fail.

Not really clear what the scope of this bug is. Many other domains are now available for copy upload. It seems superseded by bug 58224.

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