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VisualEditor: MWLinkTargetInputWidget should grok case sensitivity of suggested page title vs. the inputed text
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Screenshot of problem


  • Document contains " ... esams ... "
  • Wiki has a page called "Esams".
  • Wiki does not have case-sensitive first character in the main namespace.
  • Select "esams" and turn it into a link
  • UI shows: [ esams ] New page: <redlink> esams Matching page: Esams Esams cluster Esams patches

That first redlink is incorrect, it should show the same as when the input is "Esams" (with capital E), namely no "redlink" since the first match is in fact the input.

It needs to account for the $wgCapitalLinkOverrides and $wgCapitalLinkOverrides configuration etc. This is abstracted in PHP by MWNamespace::isCapitalized, which is exposed in javascript as 'wgCaseSensitiveNamespaces' in mw.config.

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  • Bug 48433 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Basically any normalisation causes this bug.

also things like user:krinkle -> User:Krinkle, and localized namespaces and alias namespaces (Image>File).

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