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IME icon appears outside text box
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While clicking "Use this translation" link on translation interface of IME icon appears itself at some random places!

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
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വിവർത്തനം_ചെയ്യുക_-_translatewiki.net_-_Mozilla_Firefox_104.jpg (874×1 px, 185 KB)



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Which version of Firefox and which operating system is this?
Does this always happen, or only sometimes?

Firefox 19.0.2, Linux Mint Maya (13) . Don't know, I started to use and watch IME only yesterday. This happened on whole translation group (visual editor).

Andre, I gave you a permission.

I also noticed this. Chrome/Fedora.

  • Bug 50041 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

May I know what makes priority of this low now? This is a serious UX flaw, right? reverting settings without any explanation.

The priority is lower, because other things have a higher priority. Please do not touch the priority field. It's not yours to change.

(In reply to comment #8)

The priority is lower, because other things have a higher priority. Please do
not touch the priority field. It's not yours to change.

May I know why? Is that a warning? What will happen next If I changed the field? I am a regular user of / meta wiki and this bug seriously affects me whenever I try to use IME, and surely other users. This bug increases the unacceptability of IME to wikimedia users, and cause usability issues. Also since wikimedia projects are community projects, I don't think you are in no position to change fields which are affecting wikimedia users without any explanations. Even now you've not given any reason except vague there other 'important things' argument. If you are not interested to fix something, let them open and let others to fix. Thanks. However I am terrified just because I am user without fancy tools, so leaving it as it is.

Hi Praveen, The 'priority' field is set by the developers/development team to sort the bugs in the order they would like to work upon. Hence it is 'Low' for the time being in the 'list of things-to-do'.

However, you are most welcome to set the 'Severity' field which identifies the importance of the affect this bug has on the user's experience and in turn allows the developers to make a judgement on whether they should change the priority for the bug.

You may have already seen this documented here: I will also wait for Andre (our bugwrangler) to confirm my explanation. Thanks.

Okay, I just didn't understand reason for the sudden change of priority of a bug, which was open for 5 month with normal priority.

Confirming what Runa wrote in comment 10. (Priorities can change over time when other things get more important and when developers are limited.)