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VisualEditor: Pre-annotation is from up-page, so deleting and replacing the first character in a link de-links it; deleting and replacing the first bold character in a word de-bolds it; etc.
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what it says on the tin; if you remove the first character from [[foo]] to change it to [[moo]], what you actually end up with is m[[oo]].

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Low.Nov 22 2014, 2:08 AM
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comment from Elitre on bug 53210:
Seems I had written about it in an unrelated bug, sorry. This happens on itwp:
in order to do this
I had to delete the word and link it back again. Our guidelines about style
require pages in that section to appear with the capital letter, so we need to
be able to fix that easily.

It is also reported on en.wp, the user states <<When trying to correct a
lower-case letter to a capital letter at the beginning of a link, I deleted the
lower-case letter and found I couldn't type a capital letter and have it become
part of the link, nor could I seem to extend the link over the capital.
Eventually, I typed the capital after the lower-case letter and then deleted
the lower-case letter. It might be good to have some way to extend a link over
adjoining letters/words/text. Mount Flatten (talk) 05:31, 22 August 2013 (UTC)


ps. Might be related to

In the weekly triage meeting on 2015-05-06, we discussed this task. We acknowledge that this industry standard manner of operation for editors can lead to some poor outcomes, but as written this isn't actionable and we feel that the issue is not as high priority as the other user-facing work that we need to get done this quarter, so we rejected it as a piece of work for Q4.

matmarex subscribed.

This was fixed by the work on link cartouches (the blue highlights that appear when you place the cursor or select text inside a link) in T91285.

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