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Change how link annotations work to actively enter/leave the annotation
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Currently, rendering breaks when typing into a cursor at the end of a link:

  • The DM extends the link until the first "word boundary"
  • However, the browser CE continues the link either indefinitely (Firefox) or not at all (Chromium/Firefox)
  • The inconsistency persists until the next re-render.

The DM behaviour cannot be replicated in current browser CEs (because IME stability constraints prevent re-rendering whilst typing text) and is not always desirable (because link text is often multi-word).

Instead, we should do the following:

  1. Show clearly in the UI whether the cursor is inside or outside the link.
  2. Spend a cursor press crossing into/out of a link (without changing the DM offset).
  3. Use unicorn-like image nodes to impose indefinite CE continuation inside links (and none outside).
  4. Calculate the DM insertion annotations from the observed CE ones.

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Change 217257 had a related patch set uploaded (by Divec):
WIP: Explicitly enter/exit link annotations

This image shows the operation of link cursoring (with )

link-cursoring.png (975×714 px, 54 KB)

Change 217257 merged by jenkins-bot:
Links: Explicit entry/exit with cartouches

Would it be possible to have the cursor default to outside the link, after inserting it?
Because: With the Current/updated behaviour, I have to add a [right-arrow] keypress, in order to keep typing, after entering a link. This is complicated, non-intuitive, and not consistent with other richtext editors (afaik).
It's especially a concern here, given the previous link continuation bug behaviour, where I'm accustomed to an erroneous display, and I've learned to ignore link text continuing past where it was meant to end (until I hit [enter] or otherwise trigger a re-render).

Current behaviour (post-update):

  • I type foo bar
  • [ctrl-k]test
  • [enter]
  • zow

This results in

foo bar [[test zow]]

My desired behaviour: (identical to gmail, etc)

  • I type foo bar
  • [ctrl-k]test
  • [enter]
  • zow

This results in

foo bar [[test]] zow