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Perform a weekly review of edits made with VisualEditor
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Apr 1 2015, 10:15 PM
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As a follow-up to T90894: Set up a process to keep a tally of problematic VisualEditor edits

We now have a tool and a process in place to easily review edits made with VisualEditor. This task will track the actual weekly reviews

Links to VisualEditor edits in recent changes:

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(edit) Note that due to T100439 / T100248, the edits reviewed in this session were made a few days before, on May 22 & 23.

Here's the A/B-test-special requested by James:


  • English Wikipedia — No new bugs to report, but a rise in user errors, which is understandable if people using VisualEditor are newer and less experienced.

As announced, I'm going to close this, since we seem to have reached the point where the effort that goes into doing this every week doesn't appear to yield a lot of additional information.

The last time a bug was discovered through this activity was three weeks ago, and at this point the few remaining bugs that I occasionally encounter are known bugs that have either been fixed, or that are in the backlog. The other issues are usually due to user error.

We can re-assess in the future and see if it makes sense to conduct a few other sets of reviews later. Anyone can also use the script themselves (see T90894) and review diffs independently.