TemplateData: Display a useful message instead of an empty table for templates that take no parameters
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Currently, if you use TemplateData for a template without any parameters, you still have to create an empty "params" in the JSON (not really important), but you also end up with a "Template parameters" table with just the title line (Parameter Description Type Default Status).

Rather than displaying an empty table, I think it would be better to display no table at all, or a simple message saying that no parameters are defined for this template.

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It would also be useful if you could set "no parameters" in the TemplateData so that VisualEditor does not suggest adding a parameter for these templates.

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Change 191518 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mooeypoo):
Display a message when no parameters are defined



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Change 191518 merged by jenkins-bot:
Display a message when no parameters are defined


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The fix in beta:

vs test2:

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